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Thanks for visiting the Sweepstakes Hunter blog. Along with being a Freebie Fanatic, I consider myself to be a sweepstakes junkie, searching the Internet daily, to find some of the best sweepstakes, contests and instant wins for myself, family and friends.

I will be posting the latest sweepstakes/contests that I find to this blog, along with any information about the sweepstakes/contests, as well as any other sign up information that will be needed.

You can also find helpful articles, advice, and tips on various topics concerning sweepstakes and contests.

If you happen to know of a sweepstakes or contest that's not posted here, please do me a favor and e-mail it to me or post it in a comment.

Make yourself comfortable, grab yourself your favorite drink and lets get to sweeping.

One last thing...

Please let us know when you win by sending an e-mail or posting a comment. GOOD LUCK!!

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