3 Student Sweepstakes You'd Be Foolish to Miss


One of the biggest stressors for college students (and their parents) is money. In many cases, students are racking up huge amounts of student loan debt without earning an income to supplement it. This can be daunting and, frankly, terrifying as a barely adult in the colligate world. What many students don't realize is just how many sweepstakes, giveaways, and scholarships that are out there to offer them help on the financial front. Outside of school and governmental loans and aid, there are endless other opportunities for financial aid, school supplies, and other free things from private parties—it just takes a little searching. These three sweepstakes offers are available to students so they can get the latest technology, new computers, and cash to supplement their education. Check it out.

Be the Campus Hero with HP

You can register for this offer either on the Zilch website or at the HP Academy Store itself. Enter to win a laptop of whatever your choice from HP. The giveaway requires a brief essay from the applicant on how that computer will help them become the campus hero. This giveaway is worth up to 1,400 dollars and can be a lifesaver for a recent high school grad. Your computer will become your best friend during your college days—why not get one for free?

Newsworth Giveaway with Uloop

Uloop offers a 1000 dollar prize and the chance to become a student writer for the company for students who enter this contest. Write an essay on a newsworthy event that happened to you on campus that week and try to win. The essay itself for this contest can be a lot of fun and becoming a contributor to Uloop may be a huge step for your professional future. Students must be currently enrolled in college to apply and must be within the US. Applicants can also win to opportunity to become a Uloop campus editor, which is a paid position through the company.

Give Your Tech Perspective with Microsoft

This sweepstakes offered by Microsoft invites students to get creative. Write an essay about who your PC would be and why if it were a person and win a new Dell laptop and an Xbox 360. Of course, this is quite the prize for any college student out there. Applicants must be either accepted for enrollment or currently enrolled in college to apply. The prize includes a wonderful Dell laptop, an Xbox 360 with Kinect, 5 Xbox games, and some other Microsoft gear. Deals like this aren't worth passing up—try out your hand at the essay and see what happens.

3 Student Sweepstakes You'd Be Foolish to Miss is a guest post by Alvina Lopez.

Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at alvina.lopez@gmail.


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